New Satellite Website

New Satellite Website

The Satellite website has had a refresh! The previous design was from 2009, so it had its day, and we’ve now moved to a new one.

This new design is also a move from the flat HTML site we had before to a CMS. Nope, not WordPress, but Jekyll. Jekyll is Ruby software that generates a flat HTML site from dynamic files.

Jekyll sites are something we’ll now be offering to clients also, which is pretty exciting!

We’re looking to get some products of our own released this year, so it’s shaping up to be a pretty fun year here at Satellite.

We’d also like to contribute more to open source software, and we’ve managed to do a little of that as part of this redesign. The redesign is actually a theme for Jekyll by Michael Rose, which we’ve customised. In the process, we also fixed an error, which we sent back to Michael and has been integrated into the original theme. It’s nice to give back.

If you’re considering getting some custom WordPress work done, even a complete site, or interested in Jekyll, feel free to get in touch!